About Us

Vitiligo Association of Uganda is a non-profit organization committed to providing psycho-social support, fighting challenges related to trauma, segregation and isolation by both society and family members, to people living with Vitiligo.


To improve the lives of people with and living with vitiligo through empowering them about their rights and engaging in social development initiatives


To create a stigma free, healthy and empowered community of People living with vitiligo

We hope to fulfill our mission by providing up-to-date information about vitiligo, contributing towards the latest research and being a strong voice for the community


  • a.) To promote Knowledge, information and awareness about vitiligo as a condition.
  • b.) To enhance selfesteem and confidence of persons living with vitiligo to advocate and speak out for their rights.
  • c.) To promote inclusion of persons living with vitiligo in the development process of the country.
  • d.) To enhance opportunities for persons living with vitiligo so as to achieve sustainable livelihoods

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Core Values

Values that guide us as we empower the lives of those affected with vitiligo



Transparency and accountability

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