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Vitiligo Association of Uganda is a non-profit organization formed in 2019 with a major goal of advocating for the human rights of people living with Vitiligo(PLWV) and to develop a Vitiligo movement, where we could together raise our voices pertaining the Vitiligo Condition.

We are committed to providing psycho-social support, creating awareness about vitiligo, economic empowerment, fighting challenges related to trauma, segregationand isolation by both society and family members of people living with vitiligo.

About Vitiligo

Vitiligo is a condition that leads to loss of pigment in the skin leaving patches of pale white skin, which is basically due to loss of melanin caused by loss of melanocytes in the skin.

Vitiligo is caused by the loss of melanin in the skin. Melanin is the pigment which protects the skin from the sun rays and gives the skin its colour. It is presumed to be an autoimmune condition and patches occur around the fingers, wrists, neck, genitalia, eyes and mouth and also within skin folds such as armpits and groin. The onset can be triggered by exposure to certain chemicals, damage to the skin from a burn, childbirth and emotional stress, and it usually develops before 20 years of age

There’s segmental and non-segmental vitiligo and it is based on which parts/ sides of the body the patches are. Segmental patches are specific to one side of the body and non-segmental are symmetrical on both sides of the body. Non-segmental can be found in up to 90% of people affected.

In order to achieve our mission we focus on five priority areas of work which we feel represent us as an Organization and what we need to do to best support and represent our community. These are:

  • > Promoting Knowledge, information and awareness about vitiligo as a condition.
  • > Enhancing selfesteem and confidence of persons living with vitiligo to advocate and speak out for their rights.
  • > Advocating for inclusion of persons living with vitiligo in the development process of the country.
  • > Creating opportunities for persons living with vitiligo so as to achieve sustainable livelihoods

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Our Team

Board Of Trustees

The team that agrees on the general policy and strategy of the organisation. They are also volunteers that have been both affected and not affected by vitiligo and this is the the team that helps advocate for the rights of those affected with the condition.

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Vivian Najjuka
Chairperson & Board

It is through the imperfection that i found out that I am perfect.

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Kahuuta Godson
Vice Chaiperson

Everyone is beautiful in their own skin and we should encourage them to appreciate every bit of it.

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Kasooma Joel

Beauty, they say is in the hands of the beholder.


The team that collaborates with the Board of Trustees to ensure an organised workflow of the organisation to complete necessary projects as they work independently on prior delegated tasks.

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Eva Atukunda
Acting Executive Director

I owned it and it became my lifestyle. Best decision ever made.

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Edwin Nduhura

I support others with vitiligo, for it is through support that I was able to accept who I am.

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Peninah Mukatushabira
Chief Mobiliser

Vitiligo doesnt define me.

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Daphine Walusa
Past Executive Director

Love and encouragement showed me I can now live confidently in my own skin and steadily built my esteem

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